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Vanish Pest Control is more than just a bug exterminator, we're your full service Bay Area and Central Valley pest control company; we have experienced pest control experts available 24 hours a day to help you.

Vanish Pest Control offers a full range of pest control services: from flea control and flea extermination to getting rid of mice; from silverfish extermination to solving bird problems; from taking care of simple lawn pests to rodent control; from killing ants to rat extermination.

If you have an ant problem, anything from an ant infestation of black ants to fire ants, Vanish Pest Control can help. Controlling ants takes many forms, from simple ant repellents, to ant poison, to stronger chemicals that ensure ant extermination; after our expert investigation we will recommend just the right level of service for your needs as regular ant control is very different from fire ant control.

Whenever possible Vanish Pest Control will recommend Natural Pest Control and/or Organic Pest Control; we also firmly believe in preventive pest control to keep your home and lawn safe year-round.

Vanish Pest Control is your Bay Area and Central Valley Pest Control Company!

Residential Pest Control Services Available:

Regularly monthly scheduled visits, free trouble calls.

Regularly scheduled visits every other month, free trouble calls.

Regularly scheduled visits every 3 months, free trouble calls.

On demand service, 365 days of coverage.

One time services available, all with a 30 day guarantee.

Commercial Pest Control Available:
Free estimates.
Call us to schedule an appointment.

Food Handling Pest Control Available:
Free estimates.
Call us to schedule an appointment.

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